Dong Guan Elite New Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, production of LiFePO4 battery systems for EV, ESS, lead acid battery replacement and many other different applications.

Dong Guan Elite New Energy is committed to provide customers with safe and durable green energy products, including EV power battery systems, portable energy storage, home energy storage, micro power grid, battery solutions for telecom station power supply, UPS, solar street lights, and battery packs for police car, harvesters, AGV, forklift, balance vehicles, electric tricycles, wheelchairs, etc.

Sales Amount
Company advantage
Minor or Full Customization & competitive price.
Asin and North America and Europe.
OEM ODM and customize available.
Focus on LifePo4 Battery area for over 10 years.
Elite focuses on providing customers with high quality services and to meet customers' personalized customization requirements,  providing customers with comprehensive battery solutions and technical support.

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Inverter Compatible
Elite has a team of professional engineers, and after years of debugging, home solar batteries can be used with most of the well-known inverters on the market!
Hot Products
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Energy Storage System
Lead Acid Replacement Battery
Customized Battery
Low Speed Elelctric Vehicle
Deep Cycle Rechargeable 48V 96V 240V 336V 384V 100Ah 200Ah Lithium Ion Phosphate 5Kwh 10Kwh 20Kwh 30Kwh LiFePO4 Battery
High Capacity 512V 230Ah LiFePO4 Battery Rack Cabinet System For UPS Wind Solar Energy Storage 480V 230Ah
24V 100Ah Telecom Lithium Ion Battery IP54 Water Dust Resistance
5376Wh LiFePO4 Powerwall Wall Mounted Li Ion Household Battery Pack
Rechargeable LFP 12V 100Ah Lithium Ion Battery 5000 Cycles For ESS
24 Volt LiFePO4 Battery Pack Recharchable 200 Ah Deep Cycle Long Life
Deep Cycle Rechargeable Lifepo4 Lithium Ion 36V 20Ah Electric Bicycle Battery Li ion Battery Packs
lithium battery 48v 100ah lifepo4 battery lithium-ionen-akku 48v 100ah li-ion battery rechargeable 5kwh power bank
51.2V 105Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack Energy Storage For Golf Car
60V Lithium Ion Battery Deep Cycle Rechargeable LiFePO4 Battery 60 Volts 150ah Li Ion Battery for Tricycle with RS485/Can
2400Wh 48v 50ah Lithium Ion Battery For Solar Energy Storage Systems
48V 30Ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack For Electric Vehicle
48V 30Ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack For Electric Vehicle
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Large Capacity LFP 800Ah 20kWh 24V LiFePO4 Battery Pack Deep Cycle
US Stock Fast Delivery IP67 Waterproof 48V 105Ah LiFePO4 Golf Carts Battery Bluetooth Function With LCD Display and Charger
Customized 72V 150Ah EV Lithium Ion Battery 10mΩ Internal Resistance
OEM Rechargeable 51.2V 210Ah Lithium Ion LiFePO4 Battery Pack For Forklift 48V 100Ah 120Ah 150Ah 210Ah
High Voltage Battery
Rack Mounted Battery
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